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+1(720) 295-1728

+1(720) 295-1728

Why Canna 420 Garden Ltd?

CANNA 420 GARDEN Ltd is a company that do delivery in all 50 states or worldwide, we also do not fucked here with any Cops, Feds or FBI cause we love love what we are doing . We sells only the best of the best TOP SHELF qualities of Buds , Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis, Wax and Hemp Old here and that's HIGH THC% in which you can get high as fuck.

Trust, Security and Safety are the most important things here in our company , so kindly place your order now .

Who We Are

CANNA 420 GARDEN Ltd was diagnosed with stage four high grade blood cancer in 2003 and was told if treatment did not work he would have a few months to live. His entire body had cancer in it, he had a tumors on his head, neck and inside his bone marrow. Faced with months of Chemotherapy, Spinal Therapy and finally a Bone Marrow Transplant, Theweedman promised never to take life for granted ever again.

Due to his condition Theweedman continues to deal with the effects of his treatment and uses doctor prescribed Marijuana for his medicine. Federally Licensed to grow marijuana and mentored by The Urban Grower, Theweedman has created videos of his travels around the world. Additionally, he posts generally entertaining educational videos about the normalization of Cannabis.

Fighting for equal rights for patients and advocating for the sick is a passion turned job for Theweedman. He uses his voice to let the world know that no one has ever died from marijuana and that it is your medical right to use marijuana. From travel videos to patients just puffing down or having a good time THEWEEDMAN has created a new style of Marijuana Videos and will continue to Enjoy Life and pursue new experiences for you and his millions of fans around the world. So if your using a grinder or wearing a shirt. Remember its not just a website its a way of life and you need to live up to the responsibility of pursuing life as if their is no tomorrow.

Live Today Die Tomorrow. "When all You want to do is Travel and Enjoy Life, its all so simple to understand. When motivated by money and greed you tend to forget to enjoy life.. I see so many "rich" people working, i now know they are very poor. Slaves to their mortgage or money goals they sacrifice their LIFE only to live dead. Enjoy Life. that includes your job.